There’s an old saying in racing, “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday”.

It simply meant that if your car or product performed well in a race that weekend, it was an easy path to convert to sales that week. But that was a different time.

Today in the highly saturated corporate world of high performance motorsports, there are lots and lots of braggarts. Products and sponsors regularly lay claim to being an integral part of a race team’s successes merely by placing their logo on a car. But at the end of the day, the parts that motorsports teams actually choose to run in their cars are the only parts worth buying.

In an effort to announce E3’s Spark Plugs new affiliation as “The official spark plug of the NHRA”, AND being the of choice for some of the biggest drag racers out there, we decided to demonstrate just what this shelf-bought, high performance spark plug was capable of and then ask the consumer, “Hey, what are you running?”


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Impressive, right?

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