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Be nice. Be smart. Be passionate. Life’s too short to be anything else, and we expect nothing less. We work when it’s time to work and we play when it’s time to play. We do both with gusto. And sometimes, we do both at the same time. If you want to hang out with a group of people who respect, challenge, push and appreciate each other, then we want to work with you.

Below are the positions we currently have open. Just upload your resume to apply. And if you know of someone who might be a good fit for us, please send him or her our way.

Digital Designer
Required Skills
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Art Director
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Account Manager
The Account Manager is the day-to-day liaison with clients, responsible for the effective and timely initiation and completion of advertising, engagement, content and experience-based projects within approved plans and as directed by the Account Director.

The Account Manager reports to the Account Director(s) on the account(s) to which he/she is assigned and also works closely with Project Managers who are assigned the task of making certain account management performs optimally relative to timelines and communication.

The Account Manager must be able to effective and autonomously guide work through the agency, keeping clients and internal teams accurately and thoroughly informed so that projects are successful and positive experiences for all.

Required Skills

Core Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Liaison with clients on a daily basis and represent their interests within the agency
  • Assist in the development of proposals
  • Support research efforts and execute competitive research as directed by the Account Director
  • Lead the development of client communications in accordance with approved plans/briefs and budgets, communicating with client and agency staff
  • Confirm agency recommendations, client input and expectations within 24 hours of communication
  • Guide daily development of communication activities as planned, ensuring progressive deliverables are presented and approved with adequate time to meet schedules
  • Provide agency disciplines with objectives, guidelines and executional information as required/requested, leading the briefings/input meetings when asked by the Account Director
  • Evaluate the objective and strategic fit of the agency’s recommendations, plans and work product
  • Ensure agency work product is accurate and meets agency standards
  • Submit recommendations and cost estimates for client approval
  • Work with Project Manager to coordinate activities of print, broadcast, digital and content production staff
  • Work with agency staff to ensure flawless execution of email, text and paid social messaging
  • Support and/or perform campaign evaluation, analysis and reporting
  • Review and approve client billing
  • Organize and maintain necessary records for future reference (correspondence, estimates, work samples)
  • Maintain client confidentiality
  • Assist with client retention by advising client development team of account risks or opportunities
  • Track and share competitive communications with agency team

Job Skills Required:

Effective working knowledge of advertising, direct marketing, digital marketing, social marketing, customer relationship marketing, data driven marketing, integrate communications, testing and analysis. 3-5 years prior ad agency experience. Excellent interpersonal, customer service and organizational skills are required. Flexible, strong multi tasker, uber organized, excellent communicator, great at follow up, excellent presenter, either in one-on-one or group situations to clients and co-workers, able to work independently or as a member of a highly collaborative team. Strong work ethic. Strong knowledge of Keynote or PowerPoint, self starter, and able to sell killer creative work.

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Required Skills
  • Front-end web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Writing cross-browser compatible CSS and JavaScript (IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  • Translating layered (Photoshop, Illustrator) comps into code
  • Responsive, ideally mobile-first, development and a strong understanding of mobile browser capabilities
  • JavaScript and CSS animation techniques
  • Use of vector graphics (SVG)
  • Source control using Git
  • A CSS pre-processing (Sass, Less, Stylus)
  • Client-side performance analysis and optimization techniques
  • Client-side templating (Mustache.js, Handlebars.js, JSX)
  • Client-side JavaScript MVC frameworks (AngularJS, Ember.js, Backbone.js)
  • Back-end integration and server-side templating especially with open-source CMSes
  • A task runner such as Grunt or Gulp
  • A lightweight alternative markup language like Haml, Slim, Jade
  • Any of the following back-end frameworks/platforms: Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Django
  • Any of the following open-source CMSes: Drupal, Wordpress
  • A mobile app development framework such as PhoneGap/Cordova or Titanium
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